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Experience the Power of Somatic  Breathwork™

Our body is made up of an intricate and complex network called the nervous system. When unresolved trauma and stress lay dormant within the body it can cause dysregulation of our nervous system. When the nervous system is not regulated this can lead to physical ailments within the body (dis-ease). Releasing built-up stress and trauma can help to heal the nervous system. A healthy nervous system allows you to show up fully and live your most authentic life.

Somatic Breathwork is a technique that utilizes a circular connected style of breathing paired with rhythmic music and light touch. This helps facilitate a cathartic release to help discharge built-up stress that has laid dormant within our body. In today's fast-paced world we encounter many different forms of stress and we often don't have a healthy outlet to release it. This breathing practice allows us to express this stress so that we can become clear. When we are clear, we can focus on what matters most in life. We can remember who we truly are and help to find meaning and purpose within our lives.

Somatic Breathwork also helps to shut down the thinking mind and helps to activate the subconscious mind. Exploration of the subconscious helps to bring awareness to barriers and to access insights not easily uncovered during traditional therapy. This breathing technique helps to open energy channels within the body and allows the release of suppressed emotions, physical blockages within the body, false belief systems or identifications, past memories, reoccurring patterns, and addictions. Breathwork is a powerful tool that harnesses our innate intelligence and activates the mind-body complex so we can release emotional baggage and experience personal transformation.

Many of my clients have experienced profound breakthroughs with this breathing technique. Please check out my client reviews to see what people are saying about Somatic Breathwork.

I offer Somatic Breathwork sessions as one-on-one sessions or in a group setting.  One-on-one sessions can be held via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. To schedule a virtual one-on-one session please email me to check for availability. I also offer in-person Somatic Breathwork sessions at The Reiki Center in Grandview, Ohio. You can schedule on The Reiki Center's website or through schedulicity by clicking here.

I also offer group sessions at Kula Yoga and Wellness in Pickerington, Ohio. Group sessions are a great way to experience collective healing. Check out their website here to see upcoming workshops for Somatic


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Stretch and Expand the Lungs with Dynamic Breathwork

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Dynamic Breathwork is a breathing practice that utilizes a rhythmic breathing pattern paired with breath-holds which helps to stretch and expand the lungs. It is a great activation technique to do before meditation, yoga, a sound healing session, and even before a cold plunge. This practice helps to:

- Boost immunity through alkalizing the blood (Our energy source).

- Decrease inflammation through the expulsion of CO2.

- Relieve stress and anxiety through deep conscious breathing.

- Increase circulation through blood oxygenation.

- Exercise and strengthen the lungs with controlled hyperventilation and retentions.

I personally utilize this practice daily. I found this practice extremely helpful when I was recovering from COVID-19. I suffered from breathing problems during the infection and this helped get my lungs back to normal post-infection. I continue to do this practice daily before yoga. It helps me to clear my mind and gives me the capacity to get through my busy day. 

If you are interested in learning this daily practice I would love to teach you! I offer one-on-one dynamic breathwork sessions via Zoom. Please email me to set up an appointment. 

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