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I was unsure of what to expect but felt that fate should have me try this. It was very emotional for me as I have some serious past trauma and I have never had the means to quite process it in a healthy way. I would recommend this to anyone struggling with anything weighing heavy on their heart! Sarah made me feel very comfortable and I would definitely do it again!! Thank you so much for my first somatic breathwork experience!"

Jordan E.

Last week I was blessed to experience a Somatic Release Breathwork session with Sarah. From the time of my arrival, I was greeted with love, acceptance, and a peaceful environment. Before the session, Sarah explained everything we would be doing so I would know what to expect, something that is very important to me because of the way my mind works. I had one big emotional block I wanted to release so I can make better progress toward my life goals. Sarah guided me through that release in a way that was comforting but also pushed me beyond what I could’ve done on my own. I have trouble shutting down the chatter in my mind, but this process enabled me to silence those inner voices and focus on the big goal. My experiences during the session were powerful and extraordinary. I became the woman I was born to be through releasing fears I had been holding on to for many years. I can’t wait to come back and experience another session in the future! Thank you Sarah for sharing your passion and gifts with me!!

Lisa W.

I had my first Somatic Release Breathwork Session today and it was life-changing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sarah explained everything in detail before the session, so I felt completely comfortable going into it. She led me through an amazing journey into my mind that I didn’t even know was possible to achieve. I have already booked my next session and I can’t wait!

Kelsey M.

"I had never done breathwork before, and I couldn't be more grateful for Sarah introducing me to this work. She guided me through an incredible experience despite my skepticism, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Her kind words and knowledge of the practice led me through an immensely peaceful, joyful journey into my mind and body, far beyond what I can achieve through traditional meditation. I plan on making this a regular practice with Sarah! I'm hooked."

Pierce B.

I was so incredibly fortunate that Sarah led me through my somatic release breathwork journey! Sarah has such a genuine and authentic soul, she makes you feel comfortable from the moment you step into the room. She has a calming energy and judgment-free zone that allows you to feel at ease, safe, and protected. I wouldn’t have been able to go on this type of journey with just anyone. Sarah led me on such a wonderful journey, too. I could feel the stress, worry, and anxiety being released all while feeling relaxed and comfortable in the space she held for me. There was such a sense of joy and relief when I came back from my journey! I look forward to my next sessions with her! This is such a beneficial practice to have for your physical and mental health, I definitely recommend Sarah in guiding you through that journey.

Michelle H.

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